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David Braun



David has spent his career dedicated to helping rural Texas Landowners and investors alike. As the founder of the Integrated Land Advisor companies, David’s vision has always been focused on what is best for Texas land and the owners of that land. As an attorney and counselor, David works closely with his clients to provide practical advice and innovative solutions in various areas. As principal of Plateau Exchange LLC, David brings the same integrity and focus to the individual and unique needs of each of his clients.





Cassie Gresham



Cassie Gresham is principal and partner at Braun & Gresham, PLLC. and Plateau Exchange LLC. She has a passion for Texas land and its owners. She is a trusted tax consultant who partners with her clients in various real estate transactions.  Through her extensive work and development of the Ecolab program, Cassie has amassed a wealth of experience as well as connections with district and county courts and appraisal review boards.




Plateau Exchange LLC is your reliable and trustworthy 1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediary. With almost 20 years of experience helping Texas landowners through our integrated land advisory companies, we offer a level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism difficult to find anywhere else.





B&G_Transparent Background

Braun & Gresham, PLLC provides a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of landowners, whether ranchers, farmers, non-profits, businesses or individual clients. Since 1998, we have been dedicated to finding the right solutions for every challenge faced by landowners, as well as uncovering advantageous opportunities.

For clients who want to protect and add value to their land, we apply our expertise in innovative ways, using conservation easements, conservation development, mitigation banks and other similar approaches in real estate, tax, estate planning, regulatory law and lobbying. To provide the most comprehensive client services, we frequently team with larger law firms, accounting firms and other consultants who can supplement our core strengths.



Plateau Land Group’s mission is to provide the most complete set of services for the buyers and sellers of rural property, while educating both parties on how land in Texas can be a profitable investment, an enjoyable part of their lives, and the cornerstone of their legacy.

We are rural property specialists. Our team possesses unmatched familiarity with rural land, regional ecology, as well as knowledge and experience in Agricultural and Wildlife Management operations. We also have a great understanding of property, income, and sales tax advantages, and values that are deep-rooted in the legacy of the farm and ranch culture.



Our land and wildlife management services and products help ensure your land is the best it can be — healthy and thriving with native wildlife, grasses, and wildflowers. And our property tax appraisal experience helps you take maximum advantage of tax incentives created by our state legislature to protect the legendary open space of Texas.

No other organization has a greater depth or breadth of knowledge in wildlife law, or provides a wider variety of land and wildlife-related services and products, than Plateau Land & Wildlife Management.