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1031 Exchange is a simple, yet strategic plan for the sale of one qualifying property and the purchase of another. This transaction is considered by the IRS to be just as its name suggests, an exchange rather than a sale. It is not necessary to pay capital gains tax on the profit, which can sometimes be as high as 20%.


With the tight timelines and strict rules associated with the 1031 Exchange process, Plateau Exchange LLC would like the opportunity to guide you seamlessly through this process. We want to be your reliable and trusted intermediary. With almost 20 years of experience helping Texas landowners through our Integrated Land Advisor companies consisting of Plateau Land & Wildlife Management, Braun & Gresham, PLLC and Plateau Land Group, we have a level of professionalism and integrity that is unmatched.

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1031 Exchange Key Benefits


1031 Exchange


Tax Deferral Savings

A 1031 Exchange allows you to sell your investment property and reinvest in a replacement property in order to defer ordinary income, depreciation recapture and/or capital gain taxes. These types of taxes can be quite significant, especially with a low adjusted cost basis, which is why the IRS affords you this invaluable exception in exchanging business or investment property.



1031 Exchange Benefits


Increased Tax Flow

By deferring taxes, you will have more money currently available for investment. This increased purchasing power gives you the extra leverage to acquire, for example, a property or several properties with significantly higher investment benefits than if you sold the original property, paid all the taxes associated with the sale and purchased a new property.


1031 Exchange Benefits


Wealth & Asset Accumulation

Property investors who continually perform 1031 exchanges through their lives will benefit from significant cash flow and net worth increases, much more so than a real estate investor that chooses to sell and pay taxes each time a sale occurs.